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David Coverdale

“I don’t want to be laying there with any f**king regrets, I’m the Edith Piaf of rock. I have no regrets.”


Kris Barras

“I enjoyed martial arts. I enjoyed whacking people, I enjoyed getting whacked.”


Mick Jones

“I was living A Hard Day’s Night, swanning around Paris with The Beatles, screaming chicks everywhere.”


“Stories that are colourful, full of life and laden with rock’n’roll weight

Outlaw is about stories. It’s a lifetime's journey enjoying rock 'n’ roll. And these rock bands that we love, well, they’re our modern day pirates, dandies and highwaymen sent to quicken our pulses and push our imaginations into overdrive. They live outside our normal rules and we in turn live vicariously through them as we view their world. So let’s raise a glass to the stories that make us smile, and the ones that we are yet to hear and to the journeys just begun and the people we will meet along the way…. join us in an Outlaw brotherhood.

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Seasons come and seasons go, but our passions live on. Outlaw is produced to the highest standard four times a year. Never less than 132 premium pages and quite often more. We invite you to join us on our unique journey through this musical landscape that we love and we promise you this: you will be entertained, you will be moved. and we aim to make you proud of your choice.”

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